Black Widow Bundle
Black Widow Bundle
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Black Widow Bundle

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Our multi-chromes are all natural,100% pigment, cruelty free,vegan friendly and can be worn on eyes,lips,face and body.

Shade changes color depending on the viewing Angle&Light

net weight 15.2 total grams

Total product weight 1.9 grams 

Please note:

Pigments are sold by weight, not volume! Some colors from the same collection are heavier and some are lighter, that's why heavier colors may not fill the jar completely.

Must be applied over primer,lotion, or any base that is tacky.

Ingredients: Iron Oxide, Mica, Silicon Dioxide,

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Customer Reviews

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Love these but the packaging is a bummer.

I love these pigments and I ALWAYS get compliments whenever I wear them. They are stunning. My order arrived fairly quickly so that was nice (I have another item I pre-ordered prior to these pigments that hasn’t come in yet. After seeing how beautiful these are I’m eager to get my hands on it and play). The issue I have is the packaging. The containers do not come marked so I’m comparing the pigment to the photos on the website to guess which one is which. I know that keeping the cost down for the consumer is important and I appreciate that, but one of the pigments leaked everywhere in transit and anytime I move it anywhere on my makeup table it ends up on everything including my hands which then transfer to my face/hair depending on where I am in my makeup routine. I ended up ordering small glass jars from Amazon that I put them in and so far all is good. Overall I’m happy with the pigments themselves, but again the packaging could be better.

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