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Our multi-chromes are all natural,100% pigment, cruelty free,vegan friendly and can be worn on eyes,lips,face and body.

Shade changes color depending on the viewing Angle&Light


Total product weight 1.9 grams 

Please note:

Pigments are sold by weight, not volume! Some colors from the same collection are heavier and some are lighter, that's why heavier colors may not fill the jar completely.

Must be applied over primer,lotion, or any base that is tacky.

Ingredients: Iron Oxide, Mica, Silicon Dioxide,

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Customer Reviews

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Pretty but not for the price

I really wanted to love this pigment as from the picture it looks so vibrant. It IS a gorgeous pigment but I have to say pictures on the site might be edited since the green shift in the pigment is not a bright as it seems. Took a fair amount of time to get to me which was expected since I've heard many reviews about shipping mishaps with this brand but gave it a shot anyways and I believe it was on preorder so I didn't mind the wait. The jars the pigments come in a small and cheap, fought with the jar for five minutes since its so small its hard to grab and open. For the $22.50 spent I expected MORE(?) I have this exact pigment in pressed form from a different brand (for $15) and it works just as great. I will NOT say the 3 stars is based on the pigment alone I would give the pigment 4 stars but like I mentioned pics are deceiving and the shift is so much more vibrant in the swatches, this is based on the product, packaging and shipping as a whole. Is the brand nice? Yes. Do I think you could get the same thing elsewhere and much cheaper? Yes.

Hi! I'm so sorry you are not in love with these pigments, as stated in the description there is only 1.9 grams in the jar, these are not priced based on what other brands have theirs, these are our own formula and take us a long time to produce and it is very costly which is why the price is a little higher, our jars are not as high quality, only because we wanted to try to keep these pigments within everyone's budget if we would have gotten more expensive jars we would have had to put the price up, as for the photos being misleading we have taken many photos and videos to show the amazing color shift these pigments have none that we have posted have been edited or altered in anyway, we have also stated many times that we use multiple light sources to get the shifts seen in our photos. I also am so sorry you had to wait I do see you ordered March 11th and we shipped your order March 23rd our processing times are between 6-10 business days this is not including weekends or holidays this is in our shipping terms as well as on the order confirmation you receive after your order. I do apologize you are not happy with the purchase and we will take everything you have said into consideration. Thank you so much for your review and we hope you have an amazing day.

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