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Our Killer Chromes Come In Big 15gram Jars Packed Full

Application tips:

•You can use your finger or a brush to apply.

•Tap them on over a sticky or oily base like a mixing medium, glitter glue or even lotion.

•You may also mix them with your favorite mixing medium to use as an eyeliner or for a super foiled eyeshadow.

•Try them over a sticky black base for even more, different color shifts!

Ingredients may include:
Mica, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide.

•Our flakes are Cosmetic Grade, and completely safe for use on the eyes, lips and face. But please use caution when using them on or near the eyes, as they are a large particle size.

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Quality Product and Customer Service

Super sweet and quality products <3

Hi there! I am so so sorry no one has reached out to you sometimes our emails do get lost in spam or we just don't see them! I haven't seen any comments on our page either but again it could have gotten lost in the shuffle, but I'd love to be able to fix this and send you out the correct item please feel free to message me directly 239-399-1056

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