Dragon Agate Bracelet
Dragon Agate Bracelet
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Dragon Agate Bracelet

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Dragon Vein Agate symbolises the power of dragons - known in Eastern mythology for bringing the energy of the mountains down to the plains. This makes the Dragon Vein Agate a potent stone for luck and a dependable aid for getting out of stagnant periods in one’s life.
Dragon Vein Agate is a cleansing crystal that transforms and eliminates negative energy. It balances yin-yang, physical, intellectual and spiritual energies. It can be used to stimulate perceptiveness, boldness and success.

Dragon Vein Agate can help bring out one’s hidden talent and natural gifts. Not only that, but this stone can also provide the self-confidence needed to manifest these talents and gifts.
Emotionally, this stone prevents the owner from holding back their true emotions and wishes. That makes this the stone of the dreamers and go-getters of the world. Dragon Vein Agate supports you and your dreams because it helps you get a hold of what you truly wish for in this life. It’s also said to be particularly helpful in finding your soulmate.

All other Agates give off gentle energy in their healing, but Dragon Vein Agate is a stone that just gives and gives.
It is known to improve intellectual curiosity and a person’s skills in specific disciplines. It’s a stone that helps a person absorb knowledge more efficiently. It also improves memory and concentration.
Dragon Vein Agate is also known to help attract the right people to teach you a few lessons in love and life. This stone also resonates strongly with purpose and destiny, because it helps strengthen one’s will to manifest their purpose on earth.
Dragon Vein Agate also increases stamina and encourages honesty. It also energises and strengthens its owner. This stone helps people avoid natural disasters and accidents.

Recommended Uses For

♡ Concentration
♡ Creativity
♡ Dragon Energy
♡ Honesty
♡ Luck
♡ Manifestation
♡ Positivity
♡ Protection
♡ Self-Confidence
♡ Soulmate
♡ Stamina
♡ Success
♡ Yin Yang Balance

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