Spellbound Collection
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Spellbound Collection

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20gram jars

Multichrome gels once it fully dries it leaves a moisturizing feeling and it keeps the product from budging 



Use your fingertips to tap the product on wherever you'd like. Fingertips work best but a flat/compact synthetic or silicon brush could also do the job! Gently shape or clean up the area with a spoolie or clean mascara brush. Apply in thin layers, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. The gel formula dries down completely and stays put all day!


Our glitters are safe for your face, eyes, hair, and body!




Biodegradable glitter can be washed off without any worries! Simply rinse the remaining glitter off with water. You may remove any loose specs with a spoolie, tape, or a lint roller. Avoid using makeup wipes!!! They'll only create more waste and spread the glitter around







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Katelyn Rinella

These are so pretty! The gel does take a second to dry in between layers but it is worth the wait! I wear this glitter everywhere and it does not move! 10/10 recommend!!!

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